where it started|| part one

part one|| of "where it started" is dedicated to me telling you where the name of our blog started.

January of last year we decided that we should venture into the world of blogging, a lot of our friends had created blogs and I (Kristen) felt left out...

We sent this email to our friends:

"we need your help thinking of a creative name for the blog nicholas and i are going to start...

so far chase offered 
"flannel panel", "the popes of righteousness", and "crock-pot"
so what do you think?"

other suggestions came flooding in...

"The Audacity of Pope"
"A Holy Experience"

"Who said anything about easy?  But it’s Fun."
some were very... clever...

"Flannel is Sweet"
"Who’s Who of Whoville"
"Where in the world are the Pope’s (not San Diego)"
"The Flannel Crock-pot"
we picked well right?


flannel panel definition:

Oxford English Dictionary...

Flannel, noun.
slang. Nonsense, ‘hot air’; flattery, unnecessary ostentation.

Panel, verb.
To bring to trial; to try before a court; to indict.

we have recently found these definitions and cannot decide if they are fitting or not... will our blog be a place where we indict hot air? or will we bring flattery to trial? or will we hold a court full of unnecessary ostentation? 
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