friday I took my last final {hebrew bible} and started my holiday quickly...
the husband and i rushed over to java station to have a cup
with these two lovelies, forgot to take photos--shoot! Then hit Alpha to begin the search
for ridiculous christmas sweater which failed miserably--shoot!! 
but we did pick up two strands of tree lights 
for under three bucks--steal!  

saturday we hosted a fun little party with some good friends, 
alas I forgot to take photos--you've got to be kidding me!
but we stayed up late while i worked on some christmas crafts that i had been putting off while i was cramming for finals. 

sunday went to the early service {so unlike us} because nick had invited a friend
then we went to the girls house for breakfast--amazing french toast with all the toppings including meg's homemade whip cream YUMMY!
we finished the weekend off with a bang at this guy's house...

being born in the 80's gives us an edge...

it's always a party with these girls!


week 10

So today is the last day of week 10 in my first quarter at UCSB-- which means I'm studying for finals which start on MONDAY!

After next week I will be posting more frequently... so stay tuned =)
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