cute giveaway.

Bridget over at tales of me and the husband is doing a sponsor giveaway and the winner will be picked friday... go check it out!

aren't these hair accessories darling? (pretty sure their made for little ones-- but  I want the tangerine flower clip!)

say something nice.

this made me smile.

tunes. Fall.

found in Him now has music! just a few of my favorites right now...

while im stuck in the house writing papers I hope you are having a great Wednesday, its looks beautiful out there...

while you enjoy the new tunes look at these beauties I found from around the web... don't they make you excited for Fall?
Maine Cottage: found here...

Michigan Barn: found here... 
Boston Fall: found here...



Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; 
it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.
{Hebrews 11:1}

we went in faith...
they welcomed us in faith...

now we pray... by faith... what next?

Faith is risking what is for what is yet to be. 
It is taking small steps knowing they lead to bigger ones. 
Faith is holding on when you want to let go. 
It is letting go when you want to hold on. 
Faith is hearing God’s yes when everything else says no. 
It is believing all things are possible in the midst of impossibilities. 
Faith is looking beyond what is for what is yet to be. 
It is seeing the Light in darkness, the presence of God in all.
{Ellen M. Cuomo}


date night.

tonight was unusual in the best way!
usually on monday nights we have dinner with some friends or i get caught up on homework i didnt do from the weekend... but tonight...
the weather was beautiful and i was feeling a little blue, so instead of company, or pages and pages of reading, nicholas made me an amazing dinner and we ate it out on our balcony as the sun set!
[my man is pretty awesome]
then we bundled up a little, made some coffee and headed across town to the frisbee golf course...
have you ever been?
I hadn't...
but it was such a fun date night chasing my frisbees all over the park!

horrible form, horrible!... seriously bad.


sweet family photo!

dinner at our place with the crew

goleta is beeeautiful!

happy birthday Nikki and Brandon, we love celebrating you and what God is doing in and through your family!


I should win an award...

Laziest Blogger of the Year... and it goes to..... (drum role please).


Here's me trying to redeem my sad self.

I have a ton of photos to come --soon-- from Asia, but for now, because the last week has been dark and cold here in beautiful Santa Barbara, I thought we could look at my fall weather wish list =)

... no words ...
the jewel colors this fall are amazing!
don't you love this headband?
 What is on your wish list for the Fall?
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