She's had 80 years-- Doesn't she look great?!?!

Meet Atta...
this in Nicholas' grandma, (he's her favorite) Nicholas and Atta share a birthday-- isn't that awesome?!
 All her grandchildren...
... and the whole family...

So on Saturday night after hanging out with these friends we drove down to San Diego... (I drove-it sucked-we got in at 2:45AM) It was great to be back home with family! Way too short considering we drove back home Sunday night (Nicholas drove-I loved it- we got in at 11:45PM) 
It was great to catch up with our sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, mom and dad. I sure wish we lived closer!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATTA you are very much loved!




On Friday we celebrated Nicholas' birthday.
It was a lot of fun!
A bunch of our friends all got together and we had a BBQ/Camping/flannel themed party!!
Here are a few pictures from our night
{Janine showing everyone the correct way to shout 'SURPRISE'}
{Chase and Dana getting ready)
{we never have hot-dogs in our house... he was getting his fix}
{Miriam, Britta, and Christie-- looking cute}
{amazing action shot taken by yours truly-- documenting a disgusting game of "catch the marshmallow in your mouth after it has fallen on the ground because we have bad aim" that Nicholas and Dray were playing}   
Happy Birthday Love!!


everyone is going baby crazy!

Seriously it has got to stop! I know a million (or twelve) people that are pregnant. Soon Nick and I wont have any friends left to hang out with at night, they're all going to be like "blah blah blah... I can't I have to put (insert babies name) down..."

all that... up there ^... not true. I can't WAIT to meet all of my friends new babies... i'm just a little jeal i'm not having one too! (cue gasp) Hold your horses folks... all in good time.

With that I give you my newest project... In my spare time, like i have a bunch of that- HA!...

(mind you i have finals in 2 weeks = im supposed to be write a paper not a post,
we are planning a trip out of the country for a month,
its Nicks birthday TOMORROW, 
we are driving to SD this weekend for his grandma's 80th, 
I have a wedding shower to attend, 
Nick is in a wedding next week = rehearsal dinner, and all that other stuff, 
we are flying to Colorado after the wedding, 
and I have been sick for, well, EVER... 
wow, I needed to get that off my chest.. ahum. where was I?
I will be starting this little beauty!
hooded baby wrap


i like...

{a rustic office}
{this coffee table, the teal sofa, and the wrought iron windows}
{all things green}
{reclaimed wood furniture}

Do you have a specific design style? Or are you like me... a mixed up mess?

{photo credit: the amazing james merrell}

cold tangerines

I want a life that sizzles and pops and makes me laugh out loud. And I don’t want to get to the end, or to tomorrow, even, and realize that my life is a collection of meetings and pop cans and errands and receipts and dirty dishes. I want to eat cold tangerines and sing out loud in the car with the windows open and wear pink shoes and stay up all night laughing and paint my walls the exact color of the sky right now. I want to sleep hard on clean white sheets and throw parties and eat ripe tomatoes and read books so good they make me jump up and down, and I want my everyday to make God belly laugh, glad that He gave life to someone who loves the gift.
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