Our date in LA

 It has been a few months since I have updated the blog, so there's a lot of catch up to do.

Nicholas and I made our drive back up to Santa Barbara from San Diego
after Christmas into a date extravaganza.
It was really wonderful!
First we stopped for some yummy kabobs at a little restaurant off santa monica blvd.
Then we went to the Getty Center, which I had never been to.
If you are ever in the LA area you have to go it is amazing!
view of LA from one of the decks at the Getty.
although I posted a lot of pictures of the grounds, we did see a lot of gorgeous artwork, this was one of my favorites.
We left the Getty when it closed and found ourselves in major traffic on the 405

But our night ended with a drive on the 10 to Venice Beach 
where we got Intelligentsia coffee. 
The picture above is of the outside of the shop, 
it was a really unique coffee shop. 
In my opinion, the best coffee there is, but the most uncomfortable seating imaginable (inside there were just concrete slabs in rows to sit on).

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Mom said...

Kristen, Momma loves your blog posts, the background music and the way in which you describe your experiences. You have grown into such an amazing, beautiful, wonderful and grounded young woman and I am so proud of you. all my love forever, Mom

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